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TBoss stuns in new beach photos


TBoss stuns in new beach photos

Big Brother Naija ‘Daouble Wahala’ finalist, Tboss has just shut down Instagram with her beach photos even without bikini.

Tboss didn’t even rock the usual wear (bikini) to the beach but instead rocked kimono print jacket with black camisole with blue denim posing in styles.

See photos below;

TBoss on the other hand as she shared her pictures spoke on forgiveness. She wrote;

“Forgiveness. Such a simple word & yet Sooo hard to do.

Some people are of the opinion that when you forgive, you set your heart free. But not me. I’m not gonna sit here & lie to anyone that it is easy Especially when the person in question shows Zero remorse.

Perdon but you have to be sorry for what you have done or failed to do & then you have to Apologize & then you have to show me that it wouldn’t happen again and then I will forgive you. But mostly, I would just put you on the Back burner & eventually I would take you off the stove & then I shall totally forget about you. It’s not the Best but it works for me. I’m constantly trying to find My “Happy” wherever or in whomever it may be & I never seek to hurt anyone, you’re just not worth me risking my Blessings. Tell me Lovers- How do you forgive a person who doesn’t even think they’ve done you wrong? How do you forget? Do you ever forget? And when they do apologize, how do you trust that they wouldn’t betray you yet again? I’m a Spiritual person & try to follow the teachings but I’m also very aware that I am Only human & I can only aspire to be like Jesus. Ps: When I mess up- To say sorry is the easiest thing for me provided that I know I’m in the wrong cos if not- well I’m sure we all know the rest? . Ps Again- How nice does my butt look in photo 5??? I think this bum is becoming a booty??”



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