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Shenseea – Be Good

Shenseea Be Good
Shenseea Be Good

Shenseea’s new song “Be Good” is a perfect addition to your summer playlists.

Ever since dropping her very first single in 2016, Jamaican artist Shenseea has become a huge sensation in the reggae and dancehall world. The artist is extremely versatile and with each new song, she demonstrates exactly how she can merge different styles together to create hit songs that are easy to either dance or vibe to. Now, Shenseea is back at it with a new effort called “Be Good” which is a certified hit for the end of the summer.

The song has a phenomenal rhythm and bop to it, all while Shenseaa offers up some enticing and raunchy lyrics that might make you do a double-take at first. Aside from the occasional sexual innuendo, Shenseea offers up a catchy song that is demanding to be added to your summer playlists. With just a month left of summer, we’re sure this song is about to get a lot of air time.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Country gyal, gi me long
Me nuh like short cut
Can get it anywhere
Inna di Beamer, park up
Press button, start-up


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