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Omotola or Genevieve? Burna Boy discloses favourite diva, Super Eagle(VIdeo)


Burna Boy

Nigeria’s international Afro-fusion megastar, Burna Boy has spoken about his favourites in diverse areas of life in an interview with with WSHH’s Worldstar On Wax.

The interview was part of the platform’s World Star on Wax series.

Asked about his favourite Super Eagle of all time, Burna Boy picked the legend Jay Jay Okocha.”Jay Jay Okocha Number 10, that’s my favourite of all time”, he said.

Burna Boy has a shocker for Arsenal and Chelsea fans when asked to pick either as favourite football team. He dumped the two clubs for Manchester United.

Of course he prefers the jollof rice, to fried rice.

Asked about his first major purchase of his life. He disclosed it was a Range Rover, which he bought when he was 17 years old. But he said he lost it to the police three days after. ‘I was a wild boy’, he said.

His favourite song? He begged for more time, may be months.

Asked about the next act from Nigeria, he expressed his limitation as a human being, who is not omniscient like God. But pressed further he listed three upcoming artistes such as Zlatan, Naira Marley and Rema.

On the Nigerian musician he would collaborate with among Fela, Sunny Ade and Femi Kuti. The artiste shot back straightway, that Fela would be his choice and declared Fela as his hero.

Ghana is his favourite holiday destination and Lagos his favourite city over Abuja.

He was confused when asked to pick between Genevieve and Omotola, both Nollywood megastars. Initially, he said it was a difficult question, but finally settled for Omotola after some moments of reflection.

Now, watch the full clip:


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