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Nayomi – Oyoyo

The Etelernse records newly signed international female super star musical artist NAYOMI has just released her first official single tagged OYOYO. A mid tempo Afro High Life beat with strong and powerful vocals with lots of dynamics exerted.
OYOYO means BEAUTY and the track discusses the love and the happiness that exists in one’s relationship or marriage.

Nayomi said on an exclusive interview with Etelernse media that the song OYOYO is inspired by her parents.

These are her words “I wrote this song OYOYO because of my parents and other collective feelings in the song from my friends around but mainly my parents is the inspiration.

There is so much love between my mom and my dad to the extent that they play music together in the house with the kids including me. Every body will be there and they will play music together.

Most especially, the playing music together part is the biggest symbol of the love and the happiness between my mom and dad, I love it so much.”

The mid-tempo Afro High life record features IXC ALADEOGO on the background Live Guitar.


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