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Alban – Ima now

The multi-talented R&B maestro has returned with “IMA,” a cohesive blend of Afrobeats and R&B styled perfectly for any dance soirée. It’s one groovy tune for that mushy moment with that special significant order.

He sings as he serenades this special one with words of endowments and endowments. Oh Yes you read right! In his words “Ómò to ré wà you’re beautiful, your booty full ehh”. Well, this is Africa where you’ve got men who knows how to appreciate a woman in the most unique way and what better way to appreciate that special woman with complimentary notes of her inner and physical attributes laced with soothing deliveries of words of endearment. So here we go, another chune,

Enjoy and spread the message! It’s the season again btw.


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